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Welcome to the bustling, vibrant heart of Johannesburg, where the aroma of innovation meets the taste of tradition. Here at Twelve Marketing Inc., we're not just a food and beverage company; we're culinary artists and flavor enthusiasts, dedicated to bringing a slice of Johannesburg's rich culinary tapestry to your table.


So, what exactly is a food and beverage company? Picture a bustling kitchen, a laboratory of taste, where passionate chefs and food scientists come together. Our mission? To craft, create, and distribute an array of delectable products that range from hearty traditional dishes to innovative gastronomic delights. It's all about celebrating the diversity of flavors and bringing joy through every bite and sip.

The Johannesburg Flavor Palette PR Agency

In Johannesburg, a city known for its dynamic culture and diverse population, food is more than sustenance – it’s a way of connection. Our products are a reflection of this city’s spirit – bold, diverse, and utterly delightful.


From farm-fresh ingredients to gourmet concoctions, our offerings are a journey through taste and quality. We believe in the power of good food and refreshing beverages to bring people together, be it a family dinner, a corporate event, or a casual catch-up with friends.


Keeping up with Johannesburg's ever-evolving culinary scene, we continuously innovate. Whether it's introducing health-conscious options, experimenting with fusion flavors, or embracing sustainable practices, we're always cooking up something new.

Our commitment goes beyond taste. We're dedicated to quality and sustainability. Each product is a testament to our high standards, from sourcing ingredients responsibly to ensuring impeccable production processes.


Ready to take your taste buds on a delightful journey? Whether you're a retailer looking to stock unique flavors, a restaurant in search of premium ingredients, or a food enthusiast eager to try something new, Twelve Marketing Inc., is your go-to destination in Johannesburg.


Get in touch with us to explore our product range, collaborate, or simply talk about all things food and beverage. In Johannesburg, Twelve Marketing Inc., is where flavor meets passion, and you’re always welcome to join the feast.

Over 300 businesses have received a proposal from us in June 2020.

From alcohol and spirits to food and restaurant PR, and promotion of cultural destinations, we create stories and experiences that fuel brand connection and action.



A Food and Beverage PR agency can significantly benefit your business in numerous ways. By leveraging specialized PR strategies and deep industry knowledge, these agencies can enhance your brand's visibility, reputation, and market position. Here’s how they can make a substantial impact:


Enhanced Brand Visibility:

  • Media Coverage: A PR agency can secure valuable coverage in food and beverage publications, mainstream media, and digital platforms, increasing your brand's visibility.
  • Event Exposure: Through event planning and management, including food expos and tasting events, they can put your brand in the spotlight, attracting attention from potential customers and industry influencers.


Building Brand Reputation and Trust:

  • Storytelling: PR agencies are adept at telling your brand's story in an engaging way that resonates with your audience, building a stronger emotional connection with consumers.
  • Crisis Management: In the food and beverage industry, handling crises effectively is crucial. A PR agency can manage communication during a crisis to maintain or even enhance your brand’s reputation.


Enhancing Customer Engagement and Loyalty:

  • Engaging Campaigns: Innovative PR campaigns can increase customer engagement, encouraging brand loyalty. This could include leveraging holidays, seasonal changes, or current trends to keep your brand relevant and top of mind.
  • Social Media Strategies: PR agencies can optimize your presence on social media platforms, fostering a community around your brand and driving engagement.


Driving Sales and Business Growth:

  • Product Launches: A PR agency can generate buzz around new product launches, influencing consumer perception and driving initial sales.
  • Market Expansion: They can also support your efforts to break into new markets or demographics, tailoring messages and strategies to different audiences.


Establishing Thought Leadership:

  • Industry Authority: Through thought leadership pieces, speaking engagements, and participation in industry panels, a PR agency can position your company leaders as experts in the field.
  • Educational Content: By creating informative and educational content, they can help you inform and influence both consumers and industry peers.


Aligning with Consumer Values:

  • Corporate Social Responsibility: They can help communicate your CSR initiatives, aligning your brand with consumer values like sustainability, health, and ethical sourcing.


Maximizing ROI on Marketing Efforts:

  • Integrated Strategies: By aligning PR efforts with your overall marketing strategy, they can maximize the impact of your campaigns, ensuring a cohesive brand message across all platforms.


In summary, a Food and Beverage PR agency can provide strategic communication solutions that not only enhance your brand's public image but also support business growth objectives. Their expertise in handling the unique challenges and opportunities of the food and beverage industry makes them a valuable partner in achieving your business goals.

A Food and Beverage PR agency specializes in creating and managing public relations strategies for businesses within the food and beverage industry. Their role is multifaceted, combining industry expertise with PR skills to enhance a brand’s image, reach, and market presence. Here’s a detailed look at what such an agency typically does:


Strategic Communication Planning:

  • Customized PR Strategies: Develops comprehensive public relations strategies tailored to the specific needs of food and beverage businesses. This includes identifying key messages, target audiences, and the most effective channels for communication.
  • Brand Positioning: Helps position the brand within the market, highlighting its unique selling points and differentiating it from competitors.


Media Relations:

  • Press Releases and Media Kits: Crafts and distributes press releases and media kits to announce new products, services, events, or significant achievements.
  • Media Outreach: Builds and maintains relationships with food and beverage journalists, bloggers, and influencers. Pitches stories and facilitates interviews to secure coverage in relevant publications and digital platforms.


Event Management and Promotion:

  • Event Planning: Organizes and promotes events such as product launches, tasting events, food expos, and press conferences. These events are designed to generate buzz and directly engage with the media, industry influencers, and consumers.
  • Sponsorship Management: Secures and manages event sponsorships to increase brand visibility and association with key industry events.


Influencer Partnerships:

  • Collaborations with Influencers: Identifies and collaborates with food and beverage influencers to increase brand reach and credibility. This can include influencer endorsements, sponsored content, and joint marketing initiatives.


Crisis Communication and Reputation Management:

  • Crisis Management: Prepares for and responds to crises or negative publicity, protecting and managing the brand’s reputation. This is particularly crucial in the food and beverage industry, where issues like food safety can have significant impacts.
  • Ongoing Monitoring: Continuously monitors media and public sentiment about the brand, addressing potential issues proactively.


Market Research and Consumer Insights:

  • Understanding the Market: Conducts market research to understand consumer preferences, industry trends, and competitive landscape. These insights inform PR strategies and campaigns.


Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR):

  • CSR Initiatives: Develops and promotes CSR initiatives, aligning the brand with social and environmental causes that resonate with consumers and stakeholders.

In essence, a Food and Beverage PR agency acts as a strategic partner, helping brands navigate the complex landscape of the food and beverage industry, connect with their audience, and achieve their business and communication goals.



Measuring the success of a Food and Beverage PR agency involves assessing various key performance indicators (KPIs) and metrics to evaluate the effectiveness and impact of their PR campaigns and strategies. Here’s how these agencies typically gauge their success:


Media Coverage Analysis:

  • Quantity and Quality of Coverage: Tracking the number and quality of media placements in target publications and platforms, including print, online, and broadcast media. Quality refers to the relevance and prestige of the media outlets and how well the coverage aligns with the campaign’s objectives.
  • Sentiment Analysis: Evaluating the tone and sentiment of the media coverage to ensure it reflects positively on the brand.


Social Media Metrics:

  • Engagement Rates: Measuring likes, shares, comments, and overall engagement on social media posts related to the PR campaign.
  • Follower Growth: Monitoring the increase in social media followers and the quality of the audience (ensuring they align with the target demographic).


Event Success Metrics:

  • Attendance and Participation: For events managed or promoted by the agency, evaluating attendance numbers, participant engagement, and media coverage of the event.
  • Post-Event Surveys: Gathering feedback from event attendees to assess their experience and perceptions of the brand.


Digital Analytics:

  • Website Traffic: Using tools like Google Analytics to measure increases in website traffic, particularly during and after PR campaigns.
  • User Behavior Metrics: Analyzing user behavior on the website, such as time spent on site, pages viewed, and conversion rates related to the PR activities.


Return on Investment (ROI):

  • Sales and Leads: Tracking any increase in sales or leads that can be directly or indirectly attributed to the PR campaigns.
  • ROI Calculation: Comparing the cost of the PR activities against the financial benefits gained, including increased sales, leads, or market share.


Brand Perception and Awareness:

  • Surveys and Market Research: Conducting consumer surveys and research to assess changes in brand awareness, perception, and consumer attitudes towards the brand.
  • Competitive Analysis: Comparing the brand’s market position with competitors before and after the PR campaigns.


Specific Campaign Goals:

  • Custom KPIs: Depending on the specific objectives of a PR campaign (such as raising awareness about a new product, rebranding, or addressing a specific issue), custom KPIs may be developed and tracked.

In summary, a Food and Beverage PR agency measures success through a combination of media analysis, digital and social media analytics, event metrics, sales and leads tracking, and overall impact on brand perception. These metrics provide a comprehensive view of the effectiveness of their strategies and campaigns.



The food and beverage industry possesses unique characteristics that make PR in this sector distinct from others. Here’s a look at what sets it apart:


Sensory Appeal:

  • Engaging Senses: PR campaigns in food and beverage often rely on engaging the senses – taste, smell, sight, and even sound and touch. This sensory appeal is a powerful tool for creating memorable experiences and emotional connections with consumers.


Ever-Changing Consumer Trends:

  • Trend-Driven: The industry is heavily influenced by evolving consumer trends like dietary preferences (gluten-free, vegan), health consciousness, and ethical sourcing. Staying ahead of these trends and effectively communicating them is key.
  • Seasonality: Seasonal changes greatly affect food and beverage choices. PR strategies often align with seasonal themes and occasions, making timing crucial.


Health and Safety Regulations:

  • Regulatory Compliance: Food safety and health regulations significantly impact PR messaging. Communicating compliance and addressing any safety concerns promptly and transparently is vital.


Emotional and Cultural Connections:

  • Cultural Significance: Food and beverages hold cultural and emotional significance. PR campaigns can tap into these aspects to create stories that resonate deeply with audiences.
  • Brand Loyalty: The industry often sees strong brand loyalty based on emotional connections, with family traditions and personal experiences playing a big role.


Innovation and Niche Markets:

  • Product Innovation: Constant innovation in products (like plant-based alternatives or fusion cuisine) requires PR strategies to educate and excite consumers about new experiences.
  • Niche Targeting: The industry includes a wide range of niche markets, each requiring tailored PR approaches to effectively reach specific audience segments. 


Visual Storytelling:

  • Aesthetic Appeal: The visual presentation of food and beverages is crucial. PR campaigns often leverage high-quality visuals and creative presentations to attract consumer attention.


Corporate Social Responsibility:

  • Ethical Practices: With growing consumer interest in sustainability and ethical production, communicating CSR initiatives is increasingly important in building a positive brand image.

In summary, the food and beverage industry's unique blend of sensory appeal, cultural significance, regulatory environment, and rapidly evolving trends requires a dynamic and multifaceted approach to public relations. Effective PR in this sector not only informs and persuades but also creates an emotional bond with the audience through experiences and storytelling.

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