Get a strategy, timeline and forecast that is specific to your online marketing goals. With our “Forecaster Method”, we can project the traffic gains for each channel and deliver the results you’re looking for.

Meet The Team


Mawulom Peku

Co-Founder, CEO

Entrepreneur, Veteran Online Business Strategist and Corporate Responsibility Evangelist


Sami Sharief

Co-Founder, COO

Veteran Paid Media Strategist, Expert in SEO, Analytics and ROI Based Campaign


Lisa Hoffman

VP of Strategy

Thought-Leader in Earned Media, Speaker,Teacher and Expert Consultant


Consistently named a top SEO company in the United States on all top industry lists
No long term contracts, we earn our keep each month
We teach search engine optimization and web analytics at UC San Diego (we will teach you)
Over 150 clients such as Tony Robbins, Wedding Wire, Mission Federal Credit Union & Lancer Skin Care.
We integrate SEO with social media, CRO, SEM, content marketing and public relations.
Featured on the Huffington Post, Forbes, Search Engine Land, Entrepreneur, Inc.
Expert and experienced staff. Over 70 full-time expert employees. Our CEO is one of the top SEO consultants in the field.
We are international SEO experts (full translation and international SEO capabilities)
Ignite Visibility’s internet marketing services offer a comprehensive approach to increasing your website rankings by optimizing on-page performance, backend issues, and developing an SEO-friendly content strategy that speaks to your ideal audience.
We’ll start by fixing the technical errors, ensuring crawlers can easily navigate through your website, so more people can find you. From there, we’ll perform a deep dive using a variety of tools to identify the best keywords in your niche, and help you implement them in a way that drives sales.
For brick-and-mortars, increasing your search performance can dramatically increase the amount of foot traffic to your physical location. With our local business clients, our primary goal is getting them on the map so they can capture more high-intent customers performing “near me” searches.
We’ll first focus our efforts on optimizing your Google My Business profile and establishing consistency across all existing business listings. Once everything is set up correctly, we’ll focus on building citations and developing a review generation strategy for building credibility with customers.
As your company expands into global markets, you’ll need to develop a strategy for connecting with local audiences in their native language. While you might be able to translate some of the content, understanding the search intent of foreign language queries, or which terms users enter to find information is incredibly challenging.
Our internet marketing company specializes in multilingual and multiregional internet marketing strategies, allowing our clients to deliver engaging experiences regardless of location or language.
Brand reputation is becoming a bigger piece of the digital marketing puzzle, thanks to factors like Google’s initiative to fight fake news, and their commitment to serving users the most relevant answers to their questions. Because relevance tends to favor big names, links from high-ranking websites, niche directories, and authoritative sources are key to rising through the search rankings.
For organizations that could use some guidance, Ignite Visibility offers SEO consulting services designed to help clients develop, implement, and optimize an SEO strategy. We’ll audit internal processes, offer recommendations and hands-on support, and provide documentation outlining everything from workflows to metrics to channel-specific strategies.
Our e-commerce internet marketing and SEO services aim to help brands attract qualified customers and set the stage for increased conversions. We’ll address technical issues, optimize descriptions, and improve your internal linking structure to encourage browsing. Additionally, we’ll apply structured markup to help search engines better understand your site, focus on building a memorable brand, and develop a review generation strategy to build consumer trust.


1. Why Should I Hire an Internet Marketing Company?

While it is possible to create and implement your own digital marketing strategy, if you don’t have the necessary experience or resources to run it correctly you should invest in an agency that specializes in it.
Some signs you may need to bring in the experts include:
•You’re unfamiliar with terms like long tail keywords
•You’re unfamiliar with Google Analytics
•You don’t know the difference between SEO, SEM, and PPC, and how they all relate
•You’re not up to date on social media trends
•You’re unfamiliar with technical SEO
•You’ve never used AdWords, and are unfamiliar with PPC campaigns
•You don’t have a content marketing strategy

2. What Are the Benefits of Hiring an Internet Marketing Company?

There are many reasons for hiring a digital marketing company, but some of the most common include:
•Brings in necessary skills – A specialist is able to design a strategy that reaches your target market and determine the best channels to do so.
•Knowledge about the latest tools and trends – Any digital marketing company worth its salt should be up to date on the latest marketing technologies and trends.
•Generate new ideas – A little fresh blood is always good for creatives.
•Stay competitive in your industry –It’s likely that your competitors are using cutting-edge marketing tactics, so make sure you are too.

3. Is Hiring an Internet Marketing Company Cost-Effective?

Yes. Over time, an outside agency will generally cost less than hiring an in-house person for the job. It eliminates the need for payroll taxes, benefits, health care costs, etc.
And when it comes to outbound marketing or PPC campaigns, it pays to have an expert on hand. They will be able to properly execute the campaigns and avoid any rookie mistakes that may cost you more money.

4. How is the Success of an Internet Marketing Company Measured?

A digital marketing company isn’t necessarily a cure-all for all your marketing needs. Marketing takes time – months, even years to see noticeable success.
If a company offers you instant results, be very wary. Instead, a company should work with you to define and outline your goals and be able to consistently show and report back on results.

5. What are the Clear Signs of a Successful Digital Marketing Company?

Here are some signs that an Internet marketing company has a proven track record of success:
•High client retention – The company has happy clients who hang around.
•Established – The company has been in business for years.
•Premium pricing – A company that offers great service will charge accordingly.
•Transparent pricing – The company will let you know about its fee structure up front.
•Social proof – If you can’t find social proof on the website, the company is either really bad at marketing or doesn’t have any satisfied clients.

6. What’s the Most Important Service Offered by an Online Marketing Company?

The answer to that question depends on the nature of your business.
If you’re running an e-commerce site, for example, you might be more interested in conversion rate optimization (CRO) than any other aspect of digital marketing.
On the other hand, if you’re running a professional services firm, you might opt for content marketing as your primary outreach strategy.