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Over 300 businesses have received a proposal from us in June 2020.

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Reliably marked number one SEO company in South Africa amongst all top SEO company records.

Our contracts are not long-term based. We strive and earn our clients every month.

We educate our clients with search engine optimization strategies as well as web analytics.

We assure customer satisfaction with our services. More than 150 happy customers can vouch for us.

We incorporate SEO in social media platforms, search engine marketing, CRO marketing, content promoting, and advertising.

We are featured on top magazines and sites including Huffington Post, Entrepreneur, Search Engine Land, etc.

We have full-time experienced employees. Our CEO is ranked first amongst the top SEO consultants in the SEO specialization field.

We offer worldwide SEO specialization with full interpretation and global SEO abilities.

Award-Winning SEO Services with a Proven Track Record

We boast with pride to have expert employees and over 150 happy clients. Twelve Marketing Inc. is a top internet marketing company in the industry lists and is proud to be featured in Huffington Post, Entrepreneur, Search Engine Land, etc.


Twelve Marketing internet marketing services offer a far-reaching way to deal with expanding your website rankings by improving on-page performance, fixing backend issues, and fostering SEO-optimized content that addresses your optimal audience.

We create a content calendar, outlining all technical errors and glitches and fixing the same. We will develop strategies to help you gain an edge over your competitors. By working together, we’ll make your website more visible, increase your organic traffic, and supercharge your conversion rate. Unlike other firms who promise you the moon and stop working on your site once they have gotten you to rank as high as they can, we do not do that at all. We ensure to recognize the best keywords in your niche and help you execute them to up your drives sales.


Our primary goal is to improve your online reputation by monitoring and responding to all negative comments left on third-party sites and Google Maps. If you are an e-commerce store, we can help with increasing the sales of your physical location.
You can't just throw a website up on the Internet and expect it to achieve results. It takes time, effort, expertise, and a strategy. There are many ways we can help: By improving your product photos, by generating more reviews for you, by helping you respond to negative reviews, and by helping you develop a comprehensive marketing strategy to improve your search performance.

We'll first optimize your website for Google ranking factors like site speed, content, and backlinks. Then, we’ll work on getting your site on the top pages of global search engines. 


Brand recognition is turning into a major criterion of the digital marketing and promotion area. Since significance will in general support huge names, and links from top-ranking sites, specialty indexes, and definitive sources are critical to ascending through the search rankings. 


When we build a brand-new website, our number one priority is to get as many backlinks as possible. These are the free passes to the coveted first position in the organic results. But we don’t stop there. We continue to build out your link profile with quality backlinks from sites that are relevant to your business. As your site gains authority, you can start to let go of the lower quality backlinks until they become less and less important. And, just because a backlink is ‘free’ doesn’t mean it’s not valuable. We offer enough work to become an authority in the field that it will be impossible for any potential employer to ignore you.


For organizations in need of guidance, Twelve Marketing offers SEO consulting services intended to help customers create, implement, and upgrade an SEO strategy. We'll review internal measures, propose improvements, and support to provide documentation illustrating everything from work processes to measurements to channel-explicit strategies. And when we’re done, you’ll be able to confidently manage your own SEO campaigns, without ever having to call us for help again. Our SEO consulting services are especially valuable for clients who want to increase the visibility of their website in organic search results.


Twelve Marketing aims to assist brands with e-commerce internet marketing and SEO services to draw qualified clients and set up the stage for expanded transformations. We'll resolve technical issues, upgrade portrayals, and further develop your internal linking design to empower browsing. Also, our organized markups assist search engines to better comprehend your website, center around building a significant brand and develop an audit procedure to assemble customer trust.


We can also help you with fulfillment, product listing, product reviews, ratings, and more. When it comes to e-commerce, we are the total package. Our search engine optimization services include detailed analysis of your website and competition competitor research and link building to increase traffic and conversions detailed on-site optimization plan created by a certified SEO copywriter implementation and ongoing optimization by our team of expert internet marketers monthly reporting and tracking of metrics like rankings, traffic, sales and more.

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Twelve marketing is one of the industry’s top digital marketing companies. They maximised the effectiveness of our business and helped our business achieve success. They are experts in the field of digital marketing and worth every penny spent.