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Comprehensive End-To-End Training And Support For Your Organization!

At Twelve Marketing Inc. we comprehend that flexible online training is of utmost priority for the development of your organization now more than ever.

Our team of expert trainers have delivered successful, full-scale digital marketing programs for some of the major organizations and we are now offering our expertise to organizations regardless of the size. Whether you need basic training for your existing staff or a complete re-design of your entire marketing strategy, we can help. We offer affordable, fixed-price training packages which can be delivered over either a few days or several weeks.

We'll work together to create an action plan that is both practical and scalable. To take advantage of these special group rates, simply contact us. It is very simple to get started with. Fill out the form or use our chatbox, or get in touch with one of our advisors today to get a detailed proposal.


Identify the skill gaps in your business and see where your business stands compared to your competitors, and also to the overall market.


Build a tailor-made training solution that fits your workforce from our extensive range of certifications.


Train your employees to cater to your business needs. Track their learning progress on the go.


Substantiate your skills with a professional certification to ensure learning outcomes are relevant to the field and practical.


Ensure your employees stay updated with exclusive expert content with current updates and bite-sized learning.


Upon understanding the areas of improvement and your business needs, we can curate an exclusive learning program for your employees from a range of our industry aligned courses.

We'll send you more information about these corporate training courses and how they may apply to your business.

Why choose us for corporate digital training?


Most frequent questions and answers

Certification is a great differentiator in a candidate’s resume and makes them more valuable to an employer. Employees who have achieved certification demonstrate their commitment to staying current with new technology and a desire to continually advance their careers. It validates the value employers place on their time and investment.

Yes. An industry-specific course can be curated to suit your exact needs. We develop training programs based on various digital marketing programs.

The answer is, you don’t. Although, employees who are fully engaged are less likely to look for a change of job in another company, meaning employees who feel fully invested in by their organizations with a surety of career development are most likely to stay in the company than those who aren’t.

We provide one-on-one, as well as group sessions, mentoring, and coaching on an individual basis from a basic level to an expert level. Our specialized programs are designed to enhance the knowledge of the employees in their respective areas. Our in-house assessment tool can benchmark the knowledge of the employees to peer during and post-training.

Your employees will learn faster and retain more because they can go at their own pace and study whenever and wherever they have a spare minute through online training, with 24/7 access to the content.

Over 300 businesses have received a proposal from us in June 2020.

We offer Twelve Marketing’s 'pay what’s fair' value, and that means you will always receive maximum value for your money. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

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